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Watch this 4+ minute video for background on why we are even talking about blogs today!  The internet has moved into a new phase often referred to as Web 2.0 (an interactive web that invites us to write and create, as well as to read).


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 What is a Blog?

A blog is a "weblog" or public online journal that

  • is updated regularly
  • places content in reverse chronological order
  • is subscribeable
  • requires no knowledge of html or web authoring/publishing
  • offers one-click publishing
  • allows others to comment on posts, i.e., creating interaction


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Why should I care?

  • Opportunity to build relationships and connections with:
      • students,
      • other teachers,
      • parents,
      • 'experts' in the field
  • Archived entries make a permanent record of content
  • Excellent method for modeling communication and writing skills
  • Might serve as the appropriate and relevant instructional tool for your classroom and/or project


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 Show Me Some Sample Blogs!



How Do I Start?

  • Determine your purpose: 
      • Information only
      • Collection of links
      • Reflective practice
      • Classroom extension or project
  • Get your own blog!  Find a blogging software that works for you - most of the blog sites offer blogs for free (which is always a good thing!). There are a few that are specifically focused on educators and often offer more security layers.
      • Blogger is a general blog site and is very easy to use. This is a nice step-by-step reference on setting up your blog - Set up a Blog. I've been using Blogger for my three blogs and have no complaints! Coleman's Expressions is a blog I started for one of my online courses and then continued for another - unfortunately, I've not made the time to continue it recently...
      • Edublogs - here's a Screencast to learn how to manipulate the blog once you've requested an account.  
      • WordPress
      • Class Blogmeister provides a lot of protection if you are concerned about negative or inappropriate comments. It is hosted by David Warlick, an edublogger who writes a lot about blogging in public K-12 education. Vicki Davis has an instructional posting on how to set up class blogs using Blogmeister here.
  • Post regularly - not only for your readers, but for you!
  • Publicize your blog - spread the word! 



Blog Resources


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