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Some Resources for RSS/Aggregators


Will Richardson's RSS: A Quick Start Guide for Educators is a great resource for more information and step-by-step documentation for using Bloglines (more on this tool below!), as well as ideas for using it with students.


Quentin D'Souza's RSS Ideas for Educators is another good resource - more detailed and specific examples for using in a learning environment.


Vicki Davis' How to Keep Up With All of This is an excellent blog posting to refer to as well.


Jeff Utecht's screencast Using RSS Feeds and RSS Feed Readers is a video resource. He demonstrates the subscription process to two popular RSS feed readers.


Dr. Robert J. DurĂ³n, Superintendent of San Antonio's school district, writes an Online Tutorial - How To Subscribe about subscribing in his blog - guess RSS is a focused priority there!  :)



Recommended RSS/Aggregators (FREE!)



If you sign in with my CCPS e-mail address and use the password "lwit123" you'll see the one I created for sharing session. Though you are welcome to play with this one, I encourage you to create your own account and add subscriptions that interest you! Anytime there is a new posting, you are notified and can choose to read or not to read! This free tool is web-based, so you can check on your subscriptions from any Internet access.



You'll need to get a Google Account (also free!) if you don't have one already, but it might be worthwhile - this aggregator is getting rave reviews from edubloggers!  It has a nice 'sharing' and 'rating' functionality and, like Bloglines, will allow you to access via your mobile phone. 


      HOW TO videos to get started with Google Reader (thanks to Liz Davis at


     - Setting Up Your Google Reader Account

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     - Adding Feeds to Your Google Reader

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     - Managing Your Subscriptions in Google Reader

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This is a different type of RSS feed reader in that it is downloaded on your computer, rather than being web-based. The advantage of this type is that if you don't have Internet access, you still have access to your feeds. On the flip side, you will not be able to access your subscriptions from any computer.



This one comes recommended by some of the technology bloggers. Looks like it would be a good resource for what others are reading, if nothing else!


In addition, the following are more versatile RSS feed readers. These sites offer you an opportunity to personalize your aggregator with other features, such as e-mail, address books, calendars, etc.: