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Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking




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del.icio.us is one of the popular social bookmarking websites. I've created one for LWIT, but you'll likely want one of your own as you learn more about them.  Other sites include:  furl, blue dot, ma.gnolia, and more - Read WIRED's Social Bookmarking Showdown  or Robin Good's Social Bookmarking Services and Tools for reviews on the many of them.


Why Social Bookmarking?

  • Since it is web-based, a social bookmarking tool allows you to see your "bookmarks" or "favorites" from any Internet-accessible computer
  • Provides a powerful, but different, form of organization called 'tagging'
  • Allows you to share your finds with others and to discover what others are finding on the web
  • Serves as a efficient search tool
  • It's free! 


Resources for creating and using del.icio.us accounts:


Ideas for using social bookmarking tools effectively in education:

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