Introduction to Web 2.0



The new wave of information is coming at us at lightning speed! When the Internet and the world wide web first became a part of our lives, most of us were "awed" by the sheer amount of information that was linked and interconnected. That was Web 1.0 (informational, but static). Now comes the second generation of the Internet/www, known as Web 2.0, or the Read/Write Web. It is dynamic and organic, based on an interactivity and social network platform. Now, there is an invitation to participate and to share. Though this is a new and growing field, Web 2.0 includes such concepts as blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, social photo albums for digital images. Please feel free to not only explore these concepts, but to contribute!



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Why does it matter?

Check out We Think!

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A great wiki for all sorts of web 2.0 tools:  Web2.0Tools4U2Use!



A Web 2.0 Presentation for ACE Conference using Google Docs