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Wikis are collaboratively constructed web pages, such as the one you are reading now! The unusual term is Hawaiian for "quick" and also represents the busline from the Honolulu Airport.

The first wiki was developed by Ward Cunningham in 1995 (hard to believe they've been around for more than a decade!) and is still going strong. WikiWikiWeb, as it is known, focuses on computer programming ideas, but exemplifies the collaborative and current nature of wikis.

You've probably heard of Wikipedia, the wiki that gives Encyclopedia Britannica a "run for its money" as an organic, open encyclopedia. This site really is amazing when you think about more than 1 million entries that are constantly being updated and added to as information becomes available. This tutorcast demonstrates the basics of how to use Wikipedia!

Jill and Diane will be trying out the LPN1 Wiki with a Problem-Based Learning scenario (also available on this wiki). They will be keeping it private, but will report on their progress!! Check with Jill for access, if desired.


__More About Wikis__

The following resources will provide a foundation about wikis.

Wikis Make Learning Wicked Fun is an article from Techlearning which packs a lot of information into a short read!

7 Things You Should Know About Wikis provides a quick overview of wiki characteristics and opportunities for learning. You can also review the April and May postings of M. Coleman's Computing as I posted about wikis on a regular basis as part of an assignment for an online class.

Vicki Davis, posts in her Cool Cat Teacher blog the various uses of wikis in teaching - Wiki Wiki Teaching

For Teachers New to Wikis is a good starting point (in wiki format, naturally!) that is sponsored by USF. If you want a "quick and dirty", check out their One Minute Wiki!

Wikis are commonly used as platforms for presentations and handouts for conferences, such as Using Wikis to Empower Student Learning and David Warlick's Landmark Wiki.


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__Want Your Own Wiki?__

There are a variety of wiki sites, some are free (but not all!) and some are web-based (though some are downloaded). The chart below will provide information about some of most commonly used.

Wiki Name/Link Cost Comments
PBWiki free and premium site for fee That's what we're using here!
SeedWiki free or premium accounts up to $49.95/month Seems a bit more limited than PBWiki
JotSpot free or premium This group appears to cater more to business orientation
WetPaint free or premium Nice introductory video
WikiSpaces free or premium Ad-free!
MediaWiki free Same software used for Wikipedia! Server-based


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